So chic!!

Nice dress in a neutral colour, elegantly combined with red/bordeaux leather shiny shoes and belt. The sleeve is very trendy and a choice of a 3rd colour big bag makes the outfit less set.
It is obvious the girl wears extencions in her hair, but with such a chic outfit almost everything can be pardoned.


Wrong jeans, too tight for the girl's body type, with result, even though she's not fat and she has kinda nice ass, the look end in beeing so second class..
Wrong choice of shoes, flat is not an option when u wear such tight jeans and u r not over 1,70.
Wrong choice of bra with such a transparent shirt that looks so 70's that was recently discovered in mum's closet.
Wrong, wrong, absolutely wrong choice of bag, but in such a whatever outfit is the last thing to bother our aesthetics.