Flower attack or an absolutely Dont dress for any occasion

Three girlfriends at their early 40s caught for flower invasion in Athens airport by fashion police.

I wont even mention the shoes, socks and bags..

Would you wear any of those dresses in any occasion or even in the beach?


Konstantinos Mitrovgenis@Athens Xclusive Designers Week part.1

The show of Konstantinos Mitrovgenis started with a video with images regarding the financial crisis. Then the first model went out, followed by the designer himself, who -as u can see in the following videos- used parts of the model's clothes to make a piece for the next model.

I find this idea very original and the greatest thing of all was that the ''new'' clothes were absolutely wearable!!

What do you think of this idea?

Konstantinos Mitrovgenis@Athens Xclusive Designers Week part.2

Konstantinos Mitrovgenis@Athens Xclusive Designers Week part.3

Smart solutions for those hard times of crisis..

Konstantinos Mitrovgenis@Athens Xclusive Designers Week part.4

An original approach of catwalk!

Konstantinos Mitrovgenis@Athens Xclusive Designers Week part.5

This is the last video of Konstantinos Mitrovgenis with all the models. You can see Evangelia, the second finalist from Next Top Model 2 among the models.

Yvonne Bosnjak@Athens Xclusive Designers Week!

Just amazing!!!

Elena from Next Top Model@Athens Xclusive Designers Week!

She never was one of my favourites from Next Top Model 2, I was more of a Cindorella and Nancy fan, but I must admit that seeing her from that near she has a great skin and a great body+she looked very beautiful!

Maraveya@Athens Xclusive Designers Week!

Simple & Chic clothes!


Male fashion: Absolutely DONT!!

That's a post were images speak louder than words..

I dont know which part of this outfit is worst..

Would u date a guy dressed like this or dress like him?

Maraveya @Athens Xclusive Designers Week n.3

Maraveya @Athens Xclusive Designers Week n.2

Maraveya @Athens Xclusive Designers Week n.1

The clothes of Maraveya, this new designer participating in AXDW were AWESOME!!

I loved all and each one of them! Original, simple, minimal, confortable but still chic!

In this first video you can see Yvonne Bosnjak with a fantastic white dress!

She was very very beautifull! I'm sure that the future with be bright for Maraveya!

Would you buy this dress?


This girl was attending the Athens Xclusive Designers Week shows in a white sweater-like dress, totaly not flattering her silouette, and with black lame boots, u know the ones that are to be worn on a rainy day..

I know they are one among the fashion mandates also for this season, but from my point of view they have limited styling options.. that do not include sweater dresses...

What do you think of her?


Extravaganza shoes!

I'm sure Lady Gaga must be a frquent customer of this shop..

Would you wear any of those pairs?

An absolutely DONT pair of shoes!

A proof of such a horrible taste of shoes..


London Fashion Week report part.2!

This is another young britsh designer called OSMAN. He is pretty famous in Greece as well, take a look at his clothes!

London Fashion Week report part.1!

Here are some photos from the new british designers show!

The most interesting designer -from my point of view- is Jaeger London. He used intense colours, stripes, raincoats and much red lipstick in its models.

I think he has a bright future in the fashionworld!


London Fashion Weekend video 2

London Fashion Week video 1

I'm back!

Dear lovely friends& followers,

I had abstained from fashion blogging fom more than a year due to work obligations. However a recent trip to London to attend the London Fashion Week has reminded me how much I love elegant clothes, fashinable photoshoots, styling and axessories.
Therefore I decided to take up this blog and continue with Fashion police in Athens streets and much more.
First and foremost I will post some of the photos I took in London Fashion Week.

Always fashionably,