All I want for Christmas!

What the ideal Christmass tree would look like!
Well, maybe some dresses and jewellery would made it even more ideal...and then we could also add some cd's, some concert tickets and possibly plane tickets for a trip very very far away...

Red is the colour of passion!

If black is the colour of glamour and white the colour of elegance, then definately red is the colour of passion!
Love the shoes, I'd combine them with an either satin black or beige coctail dress, holding a red satin clutch.
Then, the red strapless dress would better mach with high heels blue or green satin peep toe shoes!
Its all in the Christmass spirit!

Objects of desire part.2

If you had just one pick, what would u chose?
Hard decision, isnt it?

A simply amazing object of desire!!

A pair of Dolce&Gabbana high heels, of beige satin with black discrete lace details!
The images speak louder than words!!!


Stylish Matisse fans!

Anna and Anthi are two very stylish Matisse fans!
Those photos were taken last Monday @Satvros tou Notou. The girls are dressed in a colourfull rock style!
Anna is wearing a loosy mini black dress, combined with a pair of marvelous black-yellow ankle boots with a star that consist the clue of ther look! Love them! Holding a two-coloured purple bag and with a black bow beret at her hair she's just so stylish!!
Anthi is wearing a lovely black mini dress with a big rock print and a black light coatee with black high heel shoes!
The girls make up is totaly rocky [ its the professional's touch;) ]!
Life Rocks!