In love with vintage jewellery!

One of a kind pieces!
Love them!

H&M spring collection! Cant wait!

This dress is simply a spring dream!
I imagine my fabulous friend Lena wearing it with red high heels [or maybe black+white navy ones?] and beeing sexy as a red lipstick!
H&M rulez!

Objects of desire part.3

How marvelous can a shoe be?
Those exquisite shoes are from the latest Christian Louboutin collection!
I fantasize the red one with a black leather mini dress and the 3coloured one with skinny jeans and a white t-shirt with strass for a cosy night out!


Escada says...green and pink!

Presenting the Escada window in Frankfurt.
This green long dress is marvelous, althought I dont agree with the choise of necklace..Its too big for this kind of dress...Some discrete earings would have been better.
But this green dress combined with gold or maybe beige peep toe shoes would be ideal for a coctail party on spring!
As for the pink outfit its perfect for a cosy day @work or for an afternoon coffee..
Maybe a darkest sade of brown for the coat would have been prefered in order to mach with the shoes and the belt...but it still is nice..

Wedding dresses part.3

So sic!
The heart shaped bag with the ''diamonds'' in the first pic is also accessible here in Athens in Osho shop!

Wedding dresses part.2

The second best...

Wedding dresses part.1

Although I dont really like weddings and all those social -need to impress- gatherings, I found those wedding dresses extremelly fashionable and sic.
They were displayed to a window shop in Frankfurt.
We could imagine wearing them as dresses for a ball or for the carnival maybe:)


Loving LV!

The Winter shop window of Louis Vuitton in Berlin!
Just Love it!