Uzduburu style!

Simply wonderfull my Uzduburu friend!
Dress -helena nathanael like-, necklass, retro haircut, simply wonderfull!!!:)

our September fashion icon!

This girl was seen in a cafe opening last Saturday afternoon.
She chose a summer white mini dress, loosy and mid-sleeve and combined it with low dark beige indin boots and a brown Gucci print bag that was left on the floor.
Her look was very originally combined with big golden earings and many golden bracelets.
Optimal choice of outfit for a September afternoon!

Definately DONT N.4

A wrong choice of shoes can make a girl look kinda bad..
This girl has a normal body type-not skinny but not fat either- and the choice of beige shoes, heel-less with this skinny dark blue jeans doesnt favours her body type at all.
A high -or not so high- heel pairs of shoes in either the same or in a dark colour like her trousers would have made her legs look longer and consequently would have favoured her figure.
As we said to another picture, rarely a combination of skinny jeans and flat shoes give us a good result.
Finally a bag in another colour would b better.