Jean Paul Gaultier in Athens!

Here are some photos from JPG last week's visit in Athens.
He was invited by the French Institute to give a speech about himself and the french haute couture.
Jean Paul Gaultier spoke about how french cinema influenced his work and about his sources of creativity and inspiration.
Many thanks to my good friend Maria O. that took those photos.
For more info: www.jeanpaulgaultier.com

Spring is pink!

Its finally springtime!
And what's better for this season than a coloured pair of shoes, peep toes or not?
I loved those two pairs of pink/fuchsia high heels!

Nikos is loving the Adidas part.2

And here's again my friend Nikos with his uniform/ Adidas outfit!
Nikos chose an Adidas sweater in intense blue colours, combining it with light blue jeans for an afternoon out in the theater.
Too bad the play sucked cause this outfit rocks!


Minimal is sic!

Really like this girls style!
She's preety and lovely in her black skinny trousers, her black high heels, her beige -perfect size- trench coat and her very nice glasses!
Beauty hides in simplicity!

The revenge of the check print..

What a combination of the check print trench coat with the Burberry's bad print!
Styling tips: needs a haircut and should have worn higher heels..

Definately DONT n.18

Its a shame for a girl with such a nice body to have such a bad taste in combining clothes..
The blue dress with the beige boots its fine, but beyond that, the bag's colour is wrong and the jacket is so wrong..

Definately DONT n.17

NO! Green is definately not a colour for a total -one colour- look, no matter the age..
For a total look from head to toes its better to keep it to neutral colours.


Wrong combination of bag+shoes..

Although the rest of the outfit is good, the combination of zebra print shoes with the tiger print bag is a BIG mistake...

Definately DONT n.16

Although its one of the cases where pictures speak louder than words, it is impossible not to comment on the light beige gypsy skirt, the black velvet platform boots and the so plastic black jacket..
As kitch as it gets..

Red+Stripe trend!

A nice pop red+stripe style from a young girl walking around the streets of Krakow.

A wall in heaven n.2!

Shoes from the UK brand New Look.


An unfortunate choice of shoes..

Although I very much like her look, t-shirt, hairstyle and love her star tattoo in the wrist, the choise of those black leather ankle boots strikes me as very unfortunate since the visual effect of her legs due to the different textiles of the leggings and the shoes as well as due to the height of the shoes is not good..
A pair of black high heels or high boots would have been better..

Wrong shoes-dress combination..

This girl was seen in the Cosmopolitan party in Athens Greece last month.
He is wearing a nice blue roi midi lop-sided dress with a vertical flounce.
However, I think that by choosing that black thin belt and the black leather high heels she is ruining the outfit.
Maybe a beige or even another colour like baby pink, silver or even gold [although I am a big opponent of golden accessories in general] pair of shoes would have been better..


Glitter is fashion!

Sparkling fashion!

Always in love with David Bowie!

He is music!

Fashion quotes part.1

''There is no better make up than self-confidence''

''Fashion is the science of appearances, and it inspires one with the desire to seem rather than to be''