Today I'm loving...high heels!

The black one is Chanel.
The red one is from an italian brand, I cant recall the name..
The first pair is simply a masterpiece!


So sic!

This beige lace mini dress and this bordeaux leather envelope bag with the golden zip are the most sic and elegant things I have seen lately!
Dont really like the jacket on top, it strikes me as out of step and kind of unfeminine but this dress is a piece of art!
Photos are taken from a shop in Glyfada, Athens.
So sic!

Forever Gaultier!

All photos are property of AP photo.
Photos from Jean-Paul Gaultier autumn 2010 collection.


Alex Kavvadias, when star quality meets fashion!

Here's two photos of Matisse's frontman Alex Kavvadias and his friend, taken @the 4FASHIONSHAKE fashion show that took place on 20.03 in Athens, organised by OZON magazine.
Alex is wearing black leather boots, grey skinny jeans, a white t-shirt and a grey short coat.
His friend is wearing black flat shoes, black tights, a long black&white stripe t-shirt (stripes are this summer's trend), a grey jean jacket with 3/4 sleeves and a blue scarf with black designs (the detail that makes the difference). She is also holding a black envelope bag and yellow sunglasses.
Their style is synchronised, minimal and modern!
Alex's style on and off stage is not coincidental, since he is involved in the world of fashion as a model as well as a stylist.
Most of the times he goes for black, white or grey outfits and less frequently for some blue or khaki.


Filep Motwary @4FASHIONSHAKE fashion event!

Filep Motwary presented his work @ the 4FASHIONSHAKE fashion event organised by OZON magazine through a very original way, a video art project under the name of Mastori*Motwary Studio.
It was a very original way to present fashion and I am quite sure that this innovative event, based on an alternative concept for fashion, will be the start of many more to come!
Those photos of Filep were taken during this event. He is wearing black baggy-like trousers, a dark blue t-shirt and a black jacket with studs all over the back and in the front. Filep personalised the outfit with a small brown/golden velvet belt!
The time has probably come for designers not only to present their creations in catwalks but using other original ways as well.
Avant-garde and fashion go good together!

4FASHIONSHAKE fashion event - Odeur creations!

4FASHION SHAKE fashion event organized on 24.03.2010 by OZON magazine.

4FASHIONSHAKE fashion event -Odeur creations- men section!

Only two photos from the male Odeur collection..
The boys were moving faster than the girls..that's why they have more photos in the previous post.

4FASHIONSHAKE fashion event -Odeur creations- women section!

Yesterday 24/03/2010, took place in Athens, a fashion event organized by OZON magazine, called 4FASHION SHAKE.
Number 4 was for the 4 fashion designers and labels that participated to this event. Ozon presented the creations of Odeur, Mastori*Motwary Studio, Levi's/Jean-Paul Gaultier and Digitaria via 4 creative ways: video art projections, fashion films, catwalks and installations.
The show was very original and alternative full of interesting people dressed with much imagination!

Aquilano e Rimondi new collection!

Aquilano and Rimondi are two Italian designers with much fantasy and originality in their creations.
Those photos were taken in the Paris Fashon Week that took place in the French capital in March.
All photos are property of AP Photo.
All photos taken by Giuseppe Aresu.

Athens Xclusive Designers Week Tribute to Alexander McQueen

All photos were displayed in the Athens Xclusive Designers Week that took place in Athens from 20.03 untill 23.03.2010.
R.I.P. A. M.Q.


Athens Xclusive Designers Week- Stelios Koudounanis show part.4!

Athens Xclusive Designers Week- Stelios Koudounanis show part.3!

Athens Xclusive Designers Week - Ioannis Guia show part.2!

All photos taken on 20.03.10 in Athens Xclusive Designers Week.
All creations by Ioannis Guia.

Athens Xclusive Designers Week - Ioannis Guia Show!

All photos taken on 20.03.10 in Athens Xclusive Designers Week.
All creations by Ioannis Guia.

Athens Xclusive Designers Week- Stelios Koudounanis creations!

All photos taken on 20.03.10 in the Athens Xclusive Designers Week.
All creations by Stelios Koudounanis.


Lina goes navy!

Lina again, the female muse of this blog, choosing an outfit apparently inspired by Jean-Paul Gautier, with a white-blue marine stripe long sleeve t-shirt, a midi blue marine skirt with golden buttons, a golden necklase in the shape of a boat steering wheel, white round earings [the vintage detail that puts in all her outfits] and black shoes with golden details!
The sailor is ready to launch forth!

Nikos is loving the Adidas!

Nikos is this blog's male muse!
He is always more than willing to get photographed with his streetstyle outfits [he is actually chasing me to take his pic], but he is worth every post!
In this spontaneous photo, he is beeing photogrpahed in Korai square in Athens, wearing a light blue jeans trouser, black Adidas sport shoes with white stripes and a red Adidas jacket with yellow stripes. From the inside he is wearing a petrol t-shirt.
We suspect that his pants are also Adidas, but we couldnt confirm that very night..
More Adidas looks are coming soon!

Lina, the vintage style!

No words can't describe her unique look.
Not even once have I met her and she doesn't make the diference from every gril in the club/bar/cafe with her outfit.
Here she is entering Pallas theater in Athens, on a Sunday night to attend Vassilikos concert.
She is minimally dressed [to impress] with a simple black dress, a black midi coat, flat black shiny leather boots, a straw vintage bag and a black and white scarf in ther hair [matching the one in her bag].
Her vintage style is remarkable!