I Like!

Some of the things I LIKE in pictures;)
Have a superlovely great new month everybody!!!!!!!


David+Iman: the best couple ever!

Don't they look so good together?
Great clothes matching as well!
I just L-O-V-E David Bowie!

David Bowie t-shirts!

Looking for ideas for a new music t-shirt I wanna make, I run into those Bowie t-shirts.
I have the 3rd one in beige [one of my 5 Bowie shirts].
Who do you love?
We love Aladdin Sane.

Forever high heels!

High heels are a symbol of feminity!

Purple accessories make the difference!

Great style!
Opaque black tights, black mini dress, beige leather jacket [I would have chosen another colour instead, but still its ok..] and purple matching high heels and bag!
And yes, the bag is Marc Jacobs!
My compliments to this girl!


Roisin Murphy is fashion in music!

I had seen her one year ago in Gagarin, Athens and she was changing costumes like every 3 songs!
Her performance was great and her outifts totaly out of space!
Enjoy this patchwork of some of ther outfits, definately..overpowered!

He is superstylish!

I saw today this superstylish guy in Athens metro. He was probably going to a job interview or something cause he looked kinda stressed [and no it wasnt because he had seen my candid camera].
He is wearing loose drak blue jeans, black leather [I think they were TODS] shoes, a light blue shirt and a dark grey jerkin and holding a black computer bag.
Great style, I really hope his interview went well!


Definately DONT N.23

Yes, its a Dont again and it will be only Dont's today since I was a lot out last weekend and I collected many evidents that would made fashion policy extremely busy!
I think for this specific outfit the cacophony is obvious..
In a very warm day she is wearing those brown leegins, with flat beige shoes, this orange dress [that is giving her volume due to the flounces, something that she definately doesn't need], the white short coatee and this fake Gucci bag...
I m not quite sure which element of her look I dislike more...

Definately DONT n.22!

The shoes are appalling, the golden jacket is dreadful, the socks are loathsome and the skirt is absolutely incongruous..
Caught in Ermou, the most commercial street of Athens...

Definately DONT n.21!

Well..I absolutely dont like the drsses print [I dont like prints in general], but that is not this outfit's problem.
The combination of the black opaque tights that stop in the ankle with those so unfeminine shoes is an absolute breach of elementary styling rules...
And last but not least, a grey bag is very unfitting for this outfit...
Someone please call athens fashion police!


May's fashion icon!

Spotted, yesterday in Athens seaside this months fashion icon!
This girl has a very interesting styling!
She has a great body to suport this short jean shorts which are greatly combined with flat balerine shoes, a white loose t-shirt, a black jacket and a big mauve postman's bag.
Nice spring look, very compatible to her age and looks!

Definately DONT n.20

Its not so much the fuchsia mini flounce skirt [horrid though..].
Its neither the satin black high heels decorated with fake stones [that strike me as bouzoukoshoes -for my greek friends- couldnt find any appropriate translation in english, its something like very b class shoes worn in special occasions only].
Its that this whole outfit makes this lady to look like a corny musty birthday cake..
And still this skirt is horrible!


Katerina, fashionable in the city!

Here is my friend Katerina dressed for a cosy night out in Athens!
Katerina is wearing loose blue jeans, a white t-shirt combined with flat white ballerine shoes, a green short sleeve top and a white small bag!
That's what I call comfortably fashionable!
Like it a lot!


I wish Lady Gaga was my best friend!

No offence taken Eva+Nora, i do love you much but Lady Gaga is so unique and talented I wish she was my BF!
Btw, have u listened to her new single Alejandro??
Lady Gaga rulez!


Olivia Palermo's style part.2

Although I dont agree with the choice of bag in the 1st photo, she has an unparalleled sense of style!
Photos taken from: www.whowhatwear.com

Olivia Palermo, the new it girl!

Olivia Palermo is a 23-year old American socialite and forms part of the reality show The City cast.
According to all international fashion blogs she is the new it girl!
Well, judging by the pictures, she definately has a sic elegant style!

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