May's fashion icon!

Spotted, yesterday in Athens seaside this months fashion icon!
This girl has a very interesting styling!
She has a great body to suport this short jean shorts which are greatly combined with flat balerine shoes, a white loose t-shirt, a black jacket and a big mauve postman's bag.
Nice spring look, very compatible to her age and looks!


  1. I REALLY don't know how come you never got arrested for taking pictures of strangers...

  2. Shalom Aleichem!
    You always very much "chic"

    I'll have a few days away, Hannah will be born. She needs a lot of me now.

    In recent days I posted about:
    - Psalm we recite and singing at birth to babies, "Shir LaMa'alot - A song of ascents", psalm 121.
    - The holiday of Shavuot (Pentecost) - Hag Matan Torateinu or "Festival of the Giving of Our Torah and Hag ha'Bikkurim or Festival of the First Fruits.
    - "Letter to Jerusalem", by Rabbi Yosef Y. Jacobson. A letter explaining the importance of Jerusalem to the Jewish people.
    - Re-posted "The Meaning of the Word Tzedakah", do justice to the needy through charity is our obligation.
    - The TikkunTree Project - a project to "repair the tree of life" using the knit dress for the weapons of peace, promoting integration of people from around the world, women and men, Arabs and Jews, point by point.
    - Tikkum Olam, why we should contribute to "repair the world."

    Anyway, I tried to leave messages for all to enjoy during my absence.

    Thank you participate in my simple Blog.
    See you soon.

  3. This looks very chic. I love her bag, it's adds a nice pop of color to her outfit

  4. I'm thoroughly enjoying skimming over your blog. It is well written without casting judgement upon fashion faux pas.
    I cannot stay away from it.
    Well done, keep it up. I'm looking forward to your next keen observation.

  5. I am loving this blog! I love your thoughts, and can't wait to read again :)

  6. I love her legs, but above all, I love her bag!

  7. A very interesting look, I agree (and of course, the bag is fab)! Great blog!