He is superstylish!

I saw today this superstylish guy in Athens metro. He was probably going to a job interview or something cause he looked kinda stressed [and no it wasnt because he had seen my candid camera].
He is wearing loose drak blue jeans, black leather [I think they were TODS] shoes, a light blue shirt and a dark grey jerkin and holding a black computer bag.
Great style, I really hope his interview went well!


  1. Χμμμ... Μαρή το γκομενό μου τράβηξες? Μουαχαχα!
    Πλάκα κάνω, πολύ stylish!

  2. he looks handsome but how did you knew he was stressed????
    i m kiding i want to see more guys in your blog
    many kisses my beauty

  3. dear, he is so stylish
    i agree that you should post more guys in ur blog
    once good, always good ;)

  4. Yes he is! Latrevw tous antres pou forane gileka.

  5. haha I love that you took a pic of him ! I wish I could take picture of people in London, but I have a young son and always have a pram with me .....if I can free up my hands I would. :) Have a great week x

  6. Great blog! love your witty comments and your taste is spot on. As an artist/antique dealer often don't have time to be ultra stylish but still try my best... Leggings burn them all unless you are a supermodel.. shame we can't see this chaps face he looks hot hahah; Linda

  7. exept from superstylish he looks very hot, did u get also his tel number exept his photo?

  8. Kalo kommati !!!!! (ts ts ts pws milaw etsi!)