Please excuse the bad quality of some photos..I found it hard to just take pictures among all those famous and semi-famous people in last week's Vogue's Athens Fashion Night Out.
The event took place last thursday and I went there with plenty of good and fashionable girlfriends. The shops all over the centre of Athens were open, there was music, free drinks, dj's, well dressed people, food, celebrities, free ice cream, discounts, new lines and after the shops closed at arounf nine all the fashionable people went to a party in Central in Kolonaki district to dance.
We saw many Dos and DONTs that night but fortunately the DOs were more..
I wish I could have taken more photos to show you but I tried to be discrete..
But in the next fashion event I will attend I promise not to be so discrete..
I challenge you to find the DONTs in those photos!


Minimalism always wins!

Great legs+simple flat sandals+mini denim skirt+simple cotton white baggy shirt+big denim/beige bag+minimal styling=an impressive result!


Rule n.1: A girl should avoid to wear flat shoes with a midi skirt if she has not very thin calves, because the visual result is not flattering her. Even a short heel of 5cm is better in order to give the idea of a longer feet.
Rule n.2: Never, never, ever, under any circumstances wear this kind of a hair claw.

What's wrong with this picture?

This post's title is borrowed by a song of my favourite band of all times, PLACEBO.
I ask you to find the wrong in this picture,
it is not the girl's extra weight,
I am not a superthin person either, but given the fact that she has some extra weight, the choice of a light green 3/4 stretch trousers with a yellow very tight short shirt doesn't flatter her at all and is something more than a fashion crime.
I won't even bother to comment the shoes..


Maria, this is for you!

My very good friend Maria O. loves purple!
Therefore when I found this picture I couldn't help but thinking of her :)
Do you like purple?

Definately DONT n.28

Shoes, skirt, leggings, bag are all a big DONT!
[girl seen in Athens metro last June]

Golden accessories overdose..

As a proposition to the girl in the previous post, here are some golden accessories she could match with her outfit :)
Which one of those would you buy?
[The photos are taken from a shop in the centre of Athens]

Dont overdo it with Gold!

Great body, kind of nice jeans, but the golden shoes and the golden belt are killing me softly..
I dont like the bag either, but the golden accessories are the hit of the outfit..in a negative way..
What do you think?


Simple girly style!

A nice simply sic girly style in black and white colours with a shade of blue azure [coat and headband].
Do you like her style?

Definately DONT n.27

This skirt is a definate DONT in fashionworld!
This print would be more appropriate in a curtain or a table cover..
The shoes are kinda horrid too but the skirt outwears it completely.


I know they are in fashion, but I find them SO kitch..

I'm talking about those black lace leggings that I'd never ever wear them..
What about u girls??

Awful pink shoes

Those shoes are simply awful. They look cheap and they do not at all flatter the woman's leg. The whole pink bag-shoes accessorizing/ black dress look is so predictable that ends so boring..