Definately DONT n.27

This skirt is a definate DONT in fashionworld!
This print would be more appropriate in a curtain or a table cover..
The shoes are kinda horrid too but the skirt outwears it completely.


  1. nai alla ths kanei tsoupwto pwpo

  2. Oh dear no!!! It looks like someone has eaten an entire fruitcake then proceeded to vomit up the entire contents onto this material. Eeek, too busy and far too many clashing colours.
    Don't stare at it for too long, it will drive you crazytown.
    You are right, leave it on the table or as a kitchen curtain.
    Good observation and equally good remarks honey ;

  3. My Grandma was missing her curtains. Now I know where they are!


  4. exei wraia mallia... to ntesen tis foustas einai a8lio, episis 8a protimousa na tin dw me mia fousta katw apo to gonato me skisimo.

  5. I agree with Lela!! LOOOOL!!! She has nice hair and a lovely figure, whyyyyy on earth would she choose this skirt and these shoes???