Definately DONT n.2

There are two very good looking blonde girls I saw walking today.
Unfortunately, although they both are very handsome, they commited two stylist mistakes..
Girl at left: nice body, nice shorts, shirt+shoes but the bag is veeeeeeeeeeery wrong...
Girl at right: the trousers+ shirt are fine but even though shes not fat at all, this shirt is too small making her ass look opressed [as u can see from the small arrows I did...

Polina the trend-setter

Here are two fots of Polina, one of the trendyest girls in our school!
She definately knows how to dress, making minimalistic but still original combinations.
More fotos of Polina will follow for sure!
At this specific styling: loved the brachelet that give a colourfull tone at the -generally speacking- simple outfit!Congrads!!!


Definately DONT n.1

I proudly present my n.1 DONT!!
I have taken this photo almost 3 years ago in a night club in Rotterdam. I m not sure if this girl is actually dutch or not, I tend to think that -generally speaking- dutch girls have a good fashion taste. However this girl wears a hideous outfit that words hardly can describe.
She's all yours.. no comments..

Kate's dancing night

That's my friend Kate.
Shes the definition of sweet, having her own style which I´d like it to be more colourfull. In this pic Kate is wearing a balloon black dress, black high heel shoes, combined with a belt in the colour of the sand to give a personal touch to the whole styling and to place emphasis in Kate's thin waist. Her eyes have a kinda smokey look and her hair are in an -omg- bun most likely to a bride!
Perfect outfit for a night in the theater or for a cozy bar downtown!

Lena's night style

Lena is one of my most stylish friends!
This photo was taken at her nameday. She has a simple but sexy style. I very much liked the simple black sleeveless shirt which she combined with a quite sexy black bra with a small black bow;). Her skirt was shinny and kinda short [good choice if u have nice legs] in order for the total black look not to be nun-like. Black clothes and colourfull acessories is always a safe choice for a night out.
Acessories: good choice the electric light blue earings, loved the fuchia nail polish, the only thing I d change would be a little bit more intense make up, either eyes or lips, maybe a lipstick same colour as the nails wourd make it 100% perfect. Hairstyle and shoes=perfect, nothing to add.
Viva circus!

Roisin Murphy

Roisin Murphy is a very special fashion icon, since she s actually very original, sometimes shes totaly extravaganza or many would say kitch, but she certainly is original!
There's a photo of her from her last concert in Greece, its not very clear unfortunately but it clearly shows her unique style.
She did change clothes almost 5-6 times in that concert, showing that she has if not a very inspirational stylist then a quite original taste herself!
Roisin has claimed in an interview in Telegraph.co.uk that her favorite designers are YSL, Gucci [especially its shoes] , Giles Deacon , Jonathan Saunders and that she uses only Armani make up.
She also aknowledges that she sometimes makes ''fashion mistakes'', for which she's proud of. Underlying the importance of a woman having her nails done in order for her look to be perfect, she admits that her best beauty secret is ''beeing in love''!!

For all those that share a passion for music and fashion!

Music is a part of fashion, an influence and mostly an ispiration!

First inspiration song will be David Bowie- Fashion:

There's a brand new dance
But I don't know it's name
That people from bad homes
Do again and again
It's big and it's bland
Full tension and fear
They do it over there
But we don't do it here
Fashion - Turn to the left Fashion - Turn to the right
We are the goon squad And we're coming to town Beep-beep - Beep-beep Listen to me
Don't listen to me Talk to me - Don't talk to me Dance with me - Don't dance with me No
Beep-beep - Beep-beep
There's a brand new talk
But it's not very clear
That people from good homes
Are talking this year
It's loud and it's tasteless
I've not heard it before
Shout it while you're dancing
On the -er dance floor
Fashion - Turn to the left Fashion - Turn to the right
We are the goon squadAnd we're coming to town Beep-beep - Beep-beep