Lena's night style

Lena is one of my most stylish friends!
This photo was taken at her nameday. She has a simple but sexy style. I very much liked the simple black sleeveless shirt which she combined with a quite sexy black bra with a small black bow;). Her skirt was shinny and kinda short [good choice if u have nice legs] in order for the total black look not to be nun-like. Black clothes and colourfull acessories is always a safe choice for a night out.
Acessories: good choice the electric light blue earings, loved the fuchia nail polish, the only thing I d change would be a little bit more intense make up, either eyes or lips, maybe a lipstick same colour as the nails wourd make it 100% perfect. Hairstyle and shoes=perfect, nothing to add.
Viva circus!

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