Reporting Fashion from Athens Fashion Week 2010 part.7

That's the most unfeminine outfit I've ever seen!

Reporting Fashion from Athens Fashion Week 2010 part.6

Lame silver high heels, silver sparkling leggings inside, black shiny lycra leggings outside and that horrible print in the cotton dress. Oh lord!

Reporting Fashion from Athens Fashion Week 2010 part.5

Needless to say that this is an absolute completely entirely totally DONT!

Reporting Fashion from Athens Fashion Week 2010 part.4

The return of the cowgirl!
I dont like the skirt, it would be more appropriate to a 12 year old girl.
I think the washed jeans jacket is out of date on 2010 and the brown boots would look better with a dark jeans instead..

Reporting Fashion from Athens Fashion Week 2010 part.3

I also like this outfit! Do you?

Reporting Fashion from Athens Fashion Week 2010 part.2

This outfit is from the ones I loved!
Very sic grey skirt, white top, black shoes, black belt and a black big bag, just Lovely!

Reporting Fashion from Athens Fashion Week 2010 part.1

Last week took place in Technopolis in Gazi area in Athens, the Athens Fashion Week catwalk event!
In addition to the designer's defiles, it was the people's outfits that caught my attention!
I was working in the Night Boutique that was inside Technopolis and there, I had the -unique as u can see from the photos- opportunity to witness huge fashion mistakes as well as very inspirational outfits from lovely trendy girls.
The shows in Athens Fashion Week were visible only to people that had invitations [and to people working there as volunteers like me..] but there was a huge screen outside that people could watch the shows.
From all the designers I saw, I was more impressed by Aslanis creations. Aslanis catwalk was inspired by Brazil and included mostly swimsuits and summer dresses that I'd certainly wear on summertime.
Well, I let you enjoy the looks that attracted my attention and i look forward for your comments.
Lots of kisses to all of you!

p.s. This is a Definately DONT outfit. I mean, long purple lave skirt over a white trousers?? Please!


Maybe with another bag it would look better?

I saw this girl in the street the other day, I think she looks nice, but I couldn't decide whether this fuchsia bag is cool, given the fact that's a casual outfit or if it's the detail that destroys the outfit..What do you think?


Generally speaking I don't like platform shoes. I never wear them, but I have to admit that in some girls they look very nice.
However, those specific shoes are ugly from my point of view and the lenght of the trousers should have been longer given the height of the shoes..


Well, the previous DONT was just kitch.. This unfortunate choice of bra is a big DONT.. It's an eyesore, isn't it?
A strapless bra, preferably in a beige colour would have been better..


From head to toes a completely wrong outfit! Don't you think?