Reporting Fashion from Athens Fashion Week 2010 part.1

Last week took place in Technopolis in Gazi area in Athens, the Athens Fashion Week catwalk event!
In addition to the designer's defiles, it was the people's outfits that caught my attention!
I was working in the Night Boutique that was inside Technopolis and there, I had the -unique as u can see from the photos- opportunity to witness huge fashion mistakes as well as very inspirational outfits from lovely trendy girls.
The shows in Athens Fashion Week were visible only to people that had invitations [and to people working there as volunteers like me..] but there was a huge screen outside that people could watch the shows.
From all the designers I saw, I was more impressed by Aslanis creations. Aslanis catwalk was inspired by Brazil and included mostly swimsuits and summer dresses that I'd certainly wear on summertime.
Well, I let you enjoy the looks that attracted my attention and i look forward for your comments.
Lots of kisses to all of you!

p.s. This is a Definately DONT outfit. I mean, long purple lave skirt over a white trousers?? Please!


  1. Oxi re Thee, den mporei na vgainoun etsi, den to xwraei o nous mou! Ena ena ta sok, ola mazi mas tarakses!

  2. Oh my! Looks like she has been wrapped in cling-wrap. One of those times when you think 'what the hell was this fool thinking?!?'

  3. bad bad bad and bad

  4. Que horror! como se le ha ocurrido salir asi de casa? jajaja,1 beso XD

  5. funny - you have to sometimes wonder if people do this just for a laugh.