All I want for Christmas!

What the ideal Christmass tree would look like!
Well, maybe some dresses and jewellery would made it even more ideal...and then we could also add some cd's, some concert tickets and possibly plane tickets for a trip very very far away...

Red is the colour of passion!

If black is the colour of glamour and white the colour of elegance, then definately red is the colour of passion!
Love the shoes, I'd combine them with an either satin black or beige coctail dress, holding a red satin clutch.
Then, the red strapless dress would better mach with high heels blue or green satin peep toe shoes!
Its all in the Christmass spirit!

Objects of desire part.2

If you had just one pick, what would u chose?
Hard decision, isnt it?

A simply amazing object of desire!!

A pair of Dolce&Gabbana high heels, of beige satin with black discrete lace details!
The images speak louder than words!!!


Stylish Matisse fans!

Anna and Anthi are two very stylish Matisse fans!
Those photos were taken last Monday @Satvros tou Notou. The girls are dressed in a colourfull rock style!
Anna is wearing a loosy mini black dress, combined with a pair of marvelous black-yellow ankle boots with a star that consist the clue of ther look! Love them! Holding a two-coloured purple bag and with a black bow beret at her hair she's just so stylish!!
Anthi is wearing a lovely black mini dress with a big rock print and a black light coatee with black high heel shoes!
The girls make up is totaly rocky [ its the professional's touch;) ]!
Life Rocks!


Definately DONT n.8

The overall look is not that bad, although, given the fact that this girl has kinda fat feet, she should have put a normal pair of tights and not those ones that don't favour her legs at all cause even though they are black [good choice of colour] they stop at the ankle and they cut her feet in two pieces not flattering her at all.
The skirt print is not so modern either, those prints were n vogue 2 years ago, but in general terms its fine i guess..

Natasa, a girly casual style in Gazi!

That's Natasha, my most yoga fan friend, dressed casual for a lunch in Gazi!
Natasha is wearing dark blue jeans, black sporty shoes and a Bench footer in such a bright coral colour that enlightens her face!!
She was very proud for her footer and we also like it very much!
Nick thanx for the fotos!


Glamour hides in the details...

~quality is remebered long after price is forgotten
~discrete elegance is a must
~''I am, therefore I exist'' in a simple black dress, its always a safe choice. And when it is enriched with a colourfull accessorie, then the look is a succes!


Objects of desire part.1!

Just love them&desire all the three of them!

George, the casual sporty style!

Here's my friend George, wearing dak blue jeans, black sport shoes, a petrol short-sleeve t-shirt and a black footer with a hood and a zip. Nice&simple!
Of course we'd prefer for the t-shirt to be the UZDUBURU one but we hope it will be so in the next photo!:)

Sweet trendy young girls @Syntagma!

So simply dressed and at the same time so nice!
Those young girls are wearing all three skinny jeans, snikers, loosy t-shirts and big bags!
They seemed to me very young, happy, colourfull and very in harmony among them! As if the y had the same stylist!

So in fashion ankle boots!

Not much to say, this girl was seen in Athens Xclusive Designers Week in a mini black dress wearig those so desirable ankle boots!
Like them soooo much!


Fashion crimes in Athens metro

Gosh... animal print skirt, tights with rhomb drawings, old winkle-picker shoes [so 80´s], black -more long than it should be- jacket with batts, purple cart neck-cloth, a big bag in a colour something between gold and silver and finally a golden hair clasp..
Do u need more to condemn this fashion crime??


Athens Xclusive part.3

Athens Xclusive part.2

Athens Xclusive part.1

Some fotoz from the 5th Athens Xclusive-I know they are kinda dull...
Love live fashion&style!

Nora-minimal stylish@Starbucks!

Nora always goes for minimal, choosing either black/grey or black/white/beige colour combinations to her outfits, enriching them with various accessories.
In this outfitfor an afternoon out for coffee @Starbucks, she chose black skinny jeans, grey high heel ankle boots, a grey H&M loosy jersey and a Dior small black bag.
Simple&stylish! We love it!


A wall from heaven!

I must say high heels are one of the sexiest thngs in a woman's

appearance! A fashion journalist [or it was a Paris-Hilton-like celebrity that said it...anyway..] once said ''if the place you are invited to is not appropriate to wear your high heels, then its better not to go!''. :)

Some fashion thoughts...

I was simply just thinking whether white shoes are indeed a big fashion dont?
Maybe with a fanciful outfit they can be stylish..or maybe not?
The sure thing is that life without style would be veeeery boring
And life without colours would be very grey..

Reading about fashion I discovered one of the rules we must always be faithfull to: ''always look for the right size''!


Lina - French Retro!

Lina is wearing a retro dress with an Art Nouveau print that reminds us something of the French avant garde! She combines it with black flat simple shoes in order to place all the attention of the fans to the design of the dress. This design is like a combination of several paintings of Toulouse Lautrec.
The most interesting detail are the very original buttons you can see at the first photo.
Vive la France!

Definately DONT n.7

Woah, from were shall I start?
White platform shoes with some unspecified jewellery on top of them, black leggings [that's the most ok part of the outifit], washy jeans mini skirt, cabbage coloured lyrcra shirt with floral emprime sleeves and a dirty white clothy bag [that I wouldnt hold not even to go to the flea market]...need I say more?


Lena's night out-its all about the shoes!

Its all about the shoes!

Lena is wearing a simple wool black mini dress with a black/silver belt, a beige short jacket and holding a brown bag combined with brown/golden accessorries. But the outfit's clue are the magnificent shoes! High heels in a grey/red check print with a black ankle strap and a pink flower [that is also removable]. Love the style&love Lena K.!

Definately DONT n.6

Ok, the lady is kinda fat and ok she is middle-aged..
But, age or extra weight is NEVER an excuse for bad styling!
The choice of this zebra print dress with the black lacy coatee and the brown flat sandals is just of second quality not to say extremely kitsch.. The bronze highlights in her hair are the untimate of this...so DONT appearance!!


Lina, the retro style returns!

She's retro!
Here my friends we can see an absolute casual chic 50's look. Lina wore this in her last Tuesday retro shopping morning. The outfit is composed by flat simple black shoes, a 50's minimalistic black cotton dress, retro white glasses [the clue of her look] and a Lakis Gavalas black+white check cuboid bag.
So simple but still so retro. We couldnt expect something less from Lina:)