Nora-minimal stylish@Starbucks!

Nora always goes for minimal, choosing either black/grey or black/white/beige colour combinations to her outfits, enriching them with various accessories.
In this outfitfor an afternoon out for coffee @Starbucks, she chose black skinny jeans, grey high heel ankle boots, a grey H&M loosy jersey and a Dior small black bag.
Simple&stylish! We love it!


  1. minimal yes. stylish not.
    ti parelasi kakasximwn thee mou!
    Pou tis pswnizeis aytes tis kyratses? Sto omonia square?
    Mathe agglika re vlameno "definaately" kai sta moutra sou- oust re ZWO!!

  2. exeis dei polles me authentic DIOR tsada sto omonoiA square?
    oso ya ta agglika, if u dont like my english then STOP READING