Roisin Murphy

Roisin Murphy is a very special fashion icon, since she s actually very original, sometimes shes totaly extravaganza or many would say kitch, but she certainly is original!
There's a photo of her from her last concert in Greece, its not very clear unfortunately but it clearly shows her unique style.
She did change clothes almost 5-6 times in that concert, showing that she has if not a very inspirational stylist then a quite original taste herself!
Roisin has claimed in an interview in Telegraph.co.uk that her favorite designers are YSL, Gucci [especially its shoes] , Giles Deacon , Jonathan Saunders and that she uses only Armani make up.
She also aknowledges that she sometimes makes ''fashion mistakes'', for which she's proud of. Underlying the importance of a woman having her nails done in order for her look to be perfect, she admits that her best beauty secret is ''beeing in love''!!

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