What's wrong with this picture?

This post's title is borrowed by a song of my favourite band of all times, PLACEBO.
I ask you to find the wrong in this picture,
it is not the girl's extra weight,
I am not a superthin person either, but given the fact that she has some extra weight, the choice of a light green 3/4 stretch trousers with a yellow very tight short shirt doesn't flatter her at all and is something more than a fashion crime.
I won't even bother to comment the shoes..


  1. So you say that people with extra weight should only wear loose fitting clothes and not bright colours?
    She felt that way, she dressed that way.

  2. Ria kai edw se vriskw? :P She could have worn a darker pair of trousers with a bright top and better shoes! The clothes she's wearing aren't flattering AT ALL on her figure! FYI I have some extra weight too (not like the girl on the pic though) !

  3. @Ria: of course not, i think everybody should wear anything that he/she feels good with. However, from my point of view, the girl in the photo would look better with a darker colour of trousers and maybe a more loosy shirt.. Don't get me wrong, I judge nobody, I m just writting my personal view over people's styling. There are clothes that can flatter every silouette no matter if its a very thin or a very fat one and I' m in favour of those clothers.

    @Stavroula: i completely agrre with ur sugestion about a darker pair of trousers and a coloured shirt!

  4. She could also go with a longer pair of trousers, same color, thing is she didn't...Sorry if what I wrote before sounded harsh, but I don't like judging in general...

  5. loipon miliste ellinika giati varieme :p k makrytero panteloni na forouse, se tetoio xtipito xroma pali den kolakeuei! einai sa simadoura re sy :/ akoma k gw pu eutyxws den exw tosa parapanisia kila e de 8a foraga pote tetoio xroma panteloni (ektos tu oti paxainei, to 8eoro k kits!)

  6. I don't like all the leaves in the gutter. Shouldn't the government do something about this???? I mean really. One of the elements of an ordered society is that stray leaves should be picked up off the streets.
    Oh and I'm not too impressed with those clunky looking shoes either. They would definitely get leaves stuck in them

  7. In the title, u could have also written "What is NOT wrong with this picture" as well. Eixe empneysh h kopelia.

  8. Dan's comment is the most accurate!:)
    @Ria: σιγουρα δεν εχω προθεση να κρινω κανεναν, αν δεις+παλιοτερες αναρτησεις, η κριτικη και ειδικα η κακοβουλη δεν ειναι προθεση μου με κανενα τροπο.
    @Stavroula+Ria: certainly with a longer and darker pair of trousers this girl would have looked more preety, thats my point, do u agree?
    @Froso: kissez my dearest fashion insider!