Definately DONT n.15

This horizontal stripe marine blue-white long skirt hadly flatters anybody...
This girl is thin and the skirt doesnt look so bad on her. however, the choice of shoes is very bad and I also dont like the light brown belt. Thebelt is more of a boho 60's gypsy style, while the marine skirt and the white shirt represent a more young+trendy choice of style..
Maybe with a different choice of shoes, without the belt and I would personally add some red accessories, the whole outfit would have been better..


  1. h riga s'enoxlei, h to swma ths?? bale kai kamia dikia sou fwtografia na se doume, mhn krybesai!

  2. to soma tis einai 1xara, i riga einai etsi+etsi ma o sundiasmos me ta apoutsia+ti zoni nomizo oti einai DONT.

  3. Η φούστα μου αρέσει πολύ, το παπούτσι και η ζώνη δεν δένουν καθόλου με το άσπρο-μαύρο και την ρίγα. Και πάλι συμφωνώ μαζί σου -- όχι ότι εγώ ντύνομαι πάντα τέλεια αλλά δεν θα έβαζα ποτέ με μια τέτοια φούστα τέτοιο παππούτσι..