Always loving Victoria's Secret lingerie!

Some pictures of the best Victoria's Secret lingerie designs!
Can't stop enriching my collection with such lovely items!
Check out the awesome 1st picture! Isnt this part of every man's dream?
I'll let you know when the next Victoria's Secret sales are!;)


  1. I like the green and red lingerie!

  2. why is cooking in lingerie so hot?! love the first picture!!!

  3. It's almost impossible to get this stuff where i live- very jealous :p

  4. Να είχαμε και το σώμα της Ζιζέλ καλά δεν θα ήτανε? Γκρρρρ

  5. victoria secrets rulessssss
    pou na dokimaseis k ta body lotion, ekei tha trelatheis

  6. yes! please let us know when the next sale is! V.S. sales are so so good ! :)

    The Kissters

  7. i would very much like to see your collection;)

  8. I love victoria secret lingerie!! The garter belt look is so awesome!!

  9. love the first 2 pictures!!

    this underwear is HOT

    thanks for posting <3 great blog


  10. that shot of the five of them is eeeepic :)
    great blog
    loving the posts
    stop by some time!

  11. Er..ah...ummm...as I am a man I suppose I do look at this from a different angle haha. And something else takes on a different angle as well ogling at these pics too lol.
    But in all seriousness, it is very very sexy lingerie and if you feel sexy, you are sexy. True?
    Pull me aside if I am out of order here, but when will they stop using such skinny models and reflect what real women look like?
    Just a thought...
    Great post, as all of yours are. Keep up the good work!

  12. συμφωνω με μαριλια για body lotions! μου εφερε μια θεια απο αμερικη μια συλλογη και ειναι απλα ΚΑΤΑΠΛΗΚΤΙΚΑ! όπως μου ειπε κλείνοντας το ματι η κόρη της, μητέρα τεσσαρων στην αστόρια της νεας υόρκης και μόλις 35, "πιστεψε με, δεν ειναι τυχαιο ότι έκανα τεσσερα παιδια, αυτα φοράω"! Βέβαια ακόμα περιμένω να δω το ίδιο effect στους άντρες της Αθήνας, χαχα...

  13. Καλησπέρα Natalia! Βρέθηκα στο blog σου εξαιτίας της music αλλά και η fashion δεν μπορώ να πω... έχει ενδιαφέρον!
    Keep rocking...in fashion!

  14. I like your blog! definitely following you!!!
    I love Victorias Secret too!!! but then, who doesn't?! ;)

    If you have a spare minute come check out my blog! i would love to have you as one of my followers!

    XOXO, Olya


  15. They have their semi annual sale right now! =D

  16. Ta fashion show tous einai akoma pio teleia apo ta eswrouxa, ase pou eimai h megalyterh fan ths Andrianna Lima. apo pou ta pairneis, apo to net?

  17. That green underwear us just perfect!

  18. I love Victoria's Secret. Gosh, I wish I had a body like one of her angels! grrr...For the mean time, I need to get back to working out. =)

  19. thanx u all 4 stoping by!
    @Froso: εδω τα παρινω απο διαφορα μαγαζια με εσωρουχα στην ερμου κυριως εχει!
    @Olya: great blog! thanx! xx
    @akis: thanx! music+fashion can be a great combination!
    @post2.soo: Για σωμα Ζιζελ μονο γυμναστικη..
    @marilia: Που εχει τις Bodylotion για πες!
    @aglaia: ασχετο μα ολο μου την κοπανας εσυ, ποτε θα βρεθουμε;;;
    +My favourite @Dan: its so true that if u feel sexy u r sexy! i ll have photo of what u call ''real'' women with bathing suits soon-promice!

    xx 2 all u great people!

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  21. here in Italy we always cook spaghetti wearing sexy lingerie!