Definately DONT n.2

Well, what can I say, this look is so DONT.
1.This woman is wearing opaque black tights in late May in the island of Siros.. Please note that the temperature was sth like 30-34 degrees!
2.The dress was acrylic, in an ''imprime'' that could be -very clemently- called as ultra kitch and the cutting is not at all flattering for her figure.
3.The shoes are kinda sympatique -if worn with a different outfit.. but peep toes with opaque tights is an absolute DONT for every season.
4.Her bag, even though its not obvious was in the cloth of the well known check skirts.. 2 emprime in the same outfit is a very difficult combination that only one of our style icons i.e. Sarah Jessica can do succesfully.

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  1. giati Thee mouuuuuuuuu???????????? k pige k sth syro panathema tin!!!!