Lina - the Retro style

My friend Lina has an absolutely marvellous retro style!!!
She loves the 50's, oh yes!! Having the richest collection of 50's dress and axessories I know, she never stops to amaze her fans!!
This photo shoot was done in the centre of Athens, 2 days ago, unfortunately the lights are not very light, however we can see that Lina is wearing a light yellow dress, with a grey ''fourreau'' . Her shoes are flat and golden and her bag is a grandma-retro beige wooden kind of bag that matches the outfit perfectly!!
Her jewellery is simple, a white - Gianna Angelopoulos like- pearl necklace and bracelet. Lina's make up is also simple and her Cleopatra haircut gives a special touch to the 50's style!
We must point out that Lina put this dress in order to participate in a swing night out with her friends! She definately was the best dressed girl of that night!

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