Definately DONT n.2

Well, what can I say, this look is so DONT.
1.This woman is wearing opaque black tights in late May in the island of Siros.. Please note that the temperature was sth like 30-34 degrees!
2.The dress was acrylic, in an ''imprime'' that could be -very clemently- called as ultra kitch and the cutting is not at all flattering for her figure.
3.The shoes are kinda sympatique -if worn with a different outfit.. but peep toes with opaque tights is an absolute DONT for every season.
4.Her bag, even though its not obvious was in the cloth of the well known check skirts.. 2 emprime in the same outfit is a very difficult combination that only one of our style icons i.e. Sarah Jessica can do succesfully.

Polina - the trendsetter n.2

Polina is back with her minimal-elegant style.
Here we have black shoes maching the black long shirt and white short trousers that make the difference!
The bag is beige/grey and brandy- the best choice to escape the 2colored styling. We definately prefer this to an either black or white bag that would have made the whole look too predictable. However, maybe a red or yellow bag would have enlightened this look..
Wearing hight heels with the 3/4 trousers is the best choice. Flat shoes with such trousers normally make the ''short woman effect'' unless u r above 1,80.
I especially like he necklace that reminds me something of a Miro painting.
This would have been the perfect oufit for a serious summer meeting with the multinational excecutives.


Lina - the Retro style

My friend Lina has an absolutely marvellous retro style!!!
She loves the 50's, oh yes!! Having the richest collection of 50's dress and axessories I know, she never stops to amaze her fans!!
This photo shoot was done in the centre of Athens, 2 days ago, unfortunately the lights are not very light, however we can see that Lina is wearing a light yellow dress, with a grey ''fourreau'' . Her shoes are flat and golden and her bag is a grandma-retro beige wooden kind of bag that matches the outfit perfectly!!
Her jewellery is simple, a white - Gianna Angelopoulos like- pearl necklace and bracelet. Lina's make up is also simple and her Cleopatra haircut gives a special touch to the 50's style!
We must point out that Lina put this dress in order to participate in a swing night out with her friends! She definately was the best dressed girl of that night!