Destination Fashion District FFG Fashion show video part.1

This is the first video from the FFG Fashion show I attended yesterday!

It was very interesting, nice original clothes from firms such as CK, Ted Baker, Lancel, Seven jeans and others, good organisation, tasty drinks, good and loud music and the finalists of the NEXT TOP MODEL were there! All the girls were very beautifull but although I was a huge fan of Seraina, yesterday I found extremely beautifull Monika and Maria.

My favourite part of the night though was the awesome Matisse gig that came after the show!

Hope u enjoy the videos!


  1. where was that?and what FFG is?thanks
    i wish i knew about this it seems you had a wonderfull time.....

  2. it took place last thursday in moschato
    i dont know the exact meaning of FFG, i think the two last letters stand for Fashion Group
    if u wish, next time i find out about a similar event i ll let u know and we can arrange to go togehter if u want!