Nikos: Street style@Gazi!

Presenting Nikos, a very good friend of my very good friend Marietta!
Nikos has a remarkable casual style, he looks like he hasnt put much thinking into his outfit, and we still love the result!
He is wearing light loose blue jeans, light brown shoes, a dark green sweater, a khaki jacket and a scarf in green colours as well.
Very good combination of shoes+shirts/jacket, all in earth colours but not exactly the same, something taht would have make the whole outfit very predictable.
More photos to come soon!


  1. Ti einai touto?? Ti aisxos mon dieu!Se mesimeradiko tou Star ton petyxes? To mono stylish stoixeio ti fotografias einai i kolona tou metro! Exeis kai apopsi gia moda anideo wn!

  2. xaxaxaxaxaxa:)
    i wonder who is behind this post?

  3. every celebrity receives bad critism!

  4. kopse kati re mpazo!! akou celebrity, zwon!!!!!

  5. Είναι, λοιπόν, προφανές ότι ο αγαπητός ανώνυμος έχει υιοθετήσει πλήρως το ύφος των πρωϊνάδικών-μεσημεριανάδικων...

  6. silly silly thing, ti thes na peis den ta blepeis? mou fainetai ayth th glwssa milas ki esy, zwon!