We love Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias!

All photos taken by Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias page in facebook.
He is extremely talented and we just love him, his extraordinary dresses and his amazing shoes!
Those are just few of his summer/spring collection dresses that I chose to show you.
More photos you can find in:
www.stylewatch.gr [search for Zoulias]
and also in his two fan pages in facebook
All photos taken by Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias page in facebook. I do not own any of them.


  1. fun from fifties, don´t u think? :)

  2. exactly!Retro is the new fashion!
    thx 4 the comment!

  3. tn agapo!

    kani ta pio iperoxa papoutsia!

  4. Love these dress they have this amazing retro atmosphere:)

  5. Nice too meet you thanks for the following :)
    the second one is lovely, very 50's!


  6. thank u all very very much 4 ur comments!

  7. Ohh...these dresses are so cute and ...wonderful photos!!
    I follow you!
    Kiss ;-)

  8. Δεν λέω, τέλειος ο Ζούλιας, τον παρακολουθω από όταν άνοιξε το λιλιπουτειο μαγαζι στο Κολωνακι, αλλα πιστευω ότι στο ρούχο μέχρι τώρα ό,τι εχει δειξει ειναι 50's! Πόσο 50's μπορεί να αντέξει μια γυναίκα και κυρίως όταν είναι εντελως ρεπλικα και προσθέτει ένα κάτι λίγο διαφορετικο. Πάντως κάνει καταπληκτικη δουλεια σε θεμα υφασματος και ραφής. Φτιαχνει όμως τόσο καταπληκτικα παπουτσια και αξεσουαρ, εγω ακόμα περιμένω ανυπόμονα να επιδείξει την ίδια ιδιοφυία και στα ρούχα.

  9. Cute dresses!!!! Like that the models are healthy looking as well =)

  10. I love his dresses&accessories. I think I share the same "obsessions" as him: full skirts, bows, polka dots, love for the glamorous '50s, the old films...However I feel that, eventually, he will have to evolve his creations to sth more than reproductions. Maintaining this vintage aura does not prevent him from being original and really creative

  11. We absolutely love him! Parolo pou den tha forousa ta rouxa tou gia 10 xronia akoma, latrevw ayto to glam pou vgazoun, mou thymizoun thn latremenh mou (kai style icon kata ta paidika mou xronia) Aliki! Kisses!

  12. nai!thimizoun odos aliki!:)
    kali paromoiosi!:)